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Who Believes in You?

I have always been the kid who brings home sickly kittens and nurtures them to fulfilling life. It sure drove my family crazy, but they would eventually fall in love with our cat David whom I named after my childhood crush and who eventually blessed our family with her kittens. Don’t laugh; yes, we all thought that he was a tomcat while the whole time she was a beautiful queen, ruling the neighborhood gardens.

Anyways…. Last year was rough for me as you can imagine. I was locked at home, not able to see my friends and my clients in person, which absolutely killed me. I was depressed, I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head and be in my weird funk, listening to crime history plays on the Czech radio.

And then I got an email. Some time ago I signed up to a newsletter of the local iris club organized by a whole bunch of admirers of beautiful bearded irises. They announced that there won’t be an iris exhibition that year (sigh) but they will be selling rhizomes to the public. I remained under my blanket in my weird funk for a couple more weeks, but then I emerged when I got one last email, saying ‘come and pick up the last rhizomes or I’m going to throw them away.’ This definitely got my rescuer-self from under the blanket! I arranged the pick up and in a couple of hours I was the proud owner of a Trader Joe’s paper bag full of beautiful rhizomes. Not beautiful… kind of sad, depressing rhizomes.

I stuck them in the ground in my back yard and hoped they would eventually started to grow, but they didn’t. I would water them once in a while and my dog was diligently fertilizing them, but nothing was happening. I almost gave up… Actually I did give up. Then the rainy season came and tiny green leaves started sticking from the soil. I went to the back yard almost every day to observe them. Then I saw growing buds, with deep purple tips, then they burst into the world with beautiful colors and shapes.

My beautifully striking irises made it. Did they make it because I believed in them and nurtured them? Did I make them burst into amazing colors and shapes? Or did they make it because they had a relentless survival drive to become what they were destined to be?

Yes, and here I come with my questions:

- What made you the person you are today? Who believed or didn’t believe in you?

- Are you somewhat dormant underground or are you just getting ready to bloom?

- Who and what supports you in your blooming?

- Who and what hinders you in your blooming?

- What kind of impulse do you need to unapologetically bloom?

Wanna talk about your answers? Schedule an appointment with me.

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