My Approach and My Clients 

My approach is strengths-based and trauma-informed. I use a wide variety of therapeutic tools and interventions, and customize my sessions to fit my clients’ specific needs. My life experiences help me connect with my clients on a personal level and understand where they are coming from. As a therapist, I promise to be there for you every step of your journey.


Teens. I love the complexity of all the teenagers I have worked with throughout the years. I deeply appreciate their realness and their desire to pursue their dreams which is often combined with their pressure to conform. I love their various ways to redefine themselves through the use of their creativity, through art or in writing. I offer safe space to listen to what they are trying to say, even when they don’t have the words for it yet, or when I am the first person they have ever told. I am a fierce advocate for every outsider and survivor I work with. 

Couples. I enjoy being the witness of the dynamics of my couples. I am a keen observer of their functional patterns (whether positive or negative) which I love to identify and untangle. I assist my couples in identifying and defining their needs and values. I am very much drawn to EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), which was developed by the unique and quirky Sue Johnson, whom I see as my role model in my work with couples. EFT is based on attachment theory which posits that everyone has innate needs to feel close, connected, and safe in relationships. I am sex-positive and trauma-informed. 

Trauma Survivors. I enjoy the delicate and challenging work with clients who are in the process of understanding and overcoming significant trauma in their lives. I help my clients untangle the connection between their past and present experiences and define new values that reflect their lived experience in connection with their new growth. I guide my clients in understanding how their past experiences shape their present relationships, and I assist them in defining new ways of connecting to both themselves and others. Whether my clients were made to feel worthless or shamed for their past, I am there to provide safe space to tell their story. 

LGBTQ community. As a person whose very close family member is (and at the same time isn’t) part of the LGBT community, I am constantly learning about the ways in which the erasure of different identities affects people. In particular, I am a passionate supporter and an ally for gender non-conforming and transgender people. As a therapist, I don’t put labels on people, I patiently listen to their unfolding stories and processes. I understand that no two trans or gender non-conforming people are identical. In my sessions, I create welcoming and affirming environment for clients of all genders and orientations to address the issues that bring them to therapy, whether or not these are related to their gender or sexual identity.

First-generation/immigrants. In my lived experience as a person who doesn’t really feel like she belongs anywhere, I can help my clients understand their experience of losing and finding their roots and their community. As a person who comes from a place with very different values than mainstream America, I can help my clients understand their feelings of anxiety, depression, inadequacy and rejection, and provide a safe space where I cherish and appreciate their “otherness.”

People experiencing life transitions. I often work with clients who are noticing changes in their lives where things that used to work out are not working out anymore. I enjoy guiding my clients in defining their new normal in their relationships with both themselves and others. 

All others. I enjoy working with clients who have always scrutinized their lives deeply. These clients have often taken responsibility for others in their lives without finding true enjoyment of their authenticity. I guide these clients to find new freedom in living without guilt and shame, and support them in finding new ways to appreciate themselves. 

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