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Just the Right Amount of Frustration

I do get distracted easily, I can’t really fully focus on one thing at a time. It’s totally not my fault, I attribute it to my being a Gemini – because we all know that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that Gemini get easily distracted, and like butterflies they fly from one unfinished project to another, never remaining with one for too long. See? Got distracted again! My lack of focus never really bothered me because I could always just choose another activity and fly away into my dream world of blissful avoidance.

Until… until now, when I really started thinking about all the awesome ideas that came to my mind that I never quite realized... For whatever reason, these ideas are long gone… I had so many amazing outbursts of my unique creativity that I encountered in the bathtub on during sleepless nights in my bed, and they never left my mind space to be allowed to exist. I pondered about where I could be if grew in a different direction, undistracted. And I became sad, painfully frustrated with myself. It hurt, bad.

Sure, there is no point in regrets over the past. How can I work with my frustration, and how can I use it as an indicator that is pushing me to grow instead being my baggage, holding me down? Let me think about it.

More questions for you:

- What frustrates you the most about yourself? Is it something that you can or want to change?

- What kind of ideas or dreams did you let go because you somehow lost your way?

- What would motivate you to action? Frustration or some other impulse?

- How is your frustration holding you down?

- How much frustration is the right amount to motivate you?

- How can you redirect your frustration into a productive or creative action?

- How can you make frustration your friend?

Would you like to talk about your answers? Schedule an appointment with me.

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