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Mindfulness Your Way

Updated: May 6, 2021

I have always cringed at the word mindfulness. In my funky labeling process, I have always believed that it was practiced by all these perfect people in yoga pants who were the masters of their minds and would delve into the depths of their souls where they would find never-ending bliss. I have never been able to really focus my brain on that flow because my brain would just want to run wild and explore all the glittery corners of my colorful mind… My Gemini brain would always wander around, catching onto ideas and sparkles and fireworks…

Then I found myself sitting in front of one of the irises in my back yard, staring at it for… what it seemed like forever. I was admiring its intriguing shapes and deep vibrant colors, I gently touched the tiny pollen bristles inside the bloom, I noticed the strange scent surrounding this magnificent bloom. I imagined becoming a bumblebee and exploring the bloom from the inside, being surrounded by the breathtaking colors and feeling at home there. I imagined the alien worlds with living spaces designed like these blooms, I imagined wearing clothes made to look like the most striking bloom in my garden, I imagined designing beautiful brooches of vibrant colors and shapes.

I guess some could call my time with my iris mindfulness… but I am not sure what I would call it. There is no word that would describe my process of joining the bloom in its beauty, becoming inspired by it and taking it on my creative journey. There’s no word to describe, what remains is me defining my own process.

I have always felt some sort of background shame of not being able to be mindful in a way others were - by being calm, focused, balanced, harmonious, connecting to my deep spiritual self... But sitting with my irises allowed me to be mindful in my own way, in correspondence with my own flow and being. My kind of mindfulness perhaps lacks that universality of how other define it, but that doesn't stop me from being me, doing things my way, in a way that I feel connected to myself.

Yes, and here I come with my questions:

- What kind of objects draw your attention?

- What kind of objects you have always wanted to explore and never quite found the time?

- What are you fascinated by?

- Do you have an activity in which you completely lose yourself?

- How do you tame your brain? Do you want to tame your brain?

- How do you connect to your Self?

Wanna talk about your answers? Schedule an appointment with me.

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