Martina Glenn

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #111625

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #6070

Why Work with Martina?
Important Questions to Ask

In both my personal and professional experience I learned that the more authentic I am, the more fulfilled and meaningful life I lead. I didn’t get to this place taking the easy route, I have always challenged myself to break away from the safety and comfort of the mainstream. I experienced a lot of challenges on my journey, but I also learned to see my ability to be myself as a precious gift. At times it was difficult to hear my own authentic truth over the expectations of judgments of others, but I persisted. 

I am very passionate about what I do, I really love my job. As a therapist, I am not trying to fix my clients, I am their fellow traveler on their journey of self-discovery. I always put my whole heart and mind into my work, and absolutely live for those moments when my clients are gently learning about their resiliency, their strengths and abilities to overcome their limitations, whether these might be coming from their past or their present. Watching this fascinating authentic transformation is one of the most rewarding and deepest aspects of my work as a therapist. 

I do believe that the most important aspect of therapy is the authentic relationship between us. Before working with me, you might ask yourself some important questions: 

  • Do you need a place where you can be your authentic self and where you can say the things you can’t say anywhere else?

  • Do you need to know that your therapist sees you as a whole, complex human being who is deserving of compassion even in your darkest moments?

  • Do you need to know that you are not being judged? Do you need a sense of safety and acceptance?

  • Do you need someone who will patiently listen to your story, however complex it might be? Do you need somebody who will patiently untangle all the bits and pieces of your unique experience? 

  • Do you need someone who can gently challenge you and hold you accountable? Do you need someone who is curious and observant enough to notice the things that are going unsaid? Do you need someone who can collaborate and learn alongside you?


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Martina Glenn


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #111625

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #6070

Supervised by

  • Charlie Bauman, LMFT #49830

  • Pamella Foster, LCSW #18252


Discovery Counseling Center

16275 Monterey Road, Suite C

Morgan Hill, CA 95037


(408) 410 – 5966


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Fee structure available upon request. I only accept private pay; I can provide a monthly superbill for the client to submit to their insurance for reimbursement.


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