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  • candy for Martina (it's actually not for Martina but for the students who have therapy sessions with her)

  • fidget toys 

  • bottled water

  • granola bars (students loooove the Z-bars)

  • beads

  • we will be adding to this list as we go

Parent Volunteers

  • Do you have a special skill that you could teach our students? 

  • Can you work with our students to prepare them for their first job? Can you guide them through writing a resume? Can you practice job interviews with them? Do you love sharing your life experience from your job site?

  • Do you think you could help with a group to teach our students coping skills? We have a lot of freshmen who struggle with anxiety who would love to connect and learn!

  • Do you have experience writing essays for admissions for universities? Can you inspire others with your knowledge and experience?

  • Can you sew? Or knit? Or crochet? Make other types of art?

  • Do you have any other talents you would love to share with our students?

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