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What is the Wellness Center? 

  • The Wellness Center is safe space for students at Sobrato. They can come here before class or during brunch and lunch. It is a great space to connect with others, and there are several awesome spots with armchairs where they can just relax by our waterfall. We offer various relaxing activities, such as art making, bracelet making, jigsaw puzzles or coloring.

  • Students can also come during class if they are having a difficult time remaining in their classroom due to anxiety or depression, and they can utilize our space as calm and safe environment. There is always someone to listen to your students when they need to talk. 

  • We offer various activities, such as art making, bracelet making, jigsaw puzzles, coloring...

Where is the Wellness Center? Can I visit it?

  • The Wellness Center is located right next to the Counseling Center in building B, right behind the administration building.

  • We would love to show you around! To schedule your visit please email You can can also text to this email address from your phone. Our phone number is (408) 201-6226. 

Who works in the Wellness Center?

  • Ms. Martina and Ms. Ruby. We make an awesome team and absolutely love your students!

  • Ms. Martina is a licensed psychotherapist. She has extensive experience in crisis intervention and trauma-informed care. Martina uses person-centered theories, existential principles, attachment-based theories, and emotionally focused therapy. Martina also utilizes creativity in her sessions with the students through the use of narrative therapy and art expression therapy. Fun fact: Martina speaks Czech, so if you want to chat in Czech don’t hesitate to come to say čauky mňauky! 

  • Ms. Ruby is the coolest, most loving person on the Sobrato campus. She truly is like a mom to many students, she always listens and is ready to give them the warmest hugs. Ms. Ruby has an extensive experience working for the MHUSD in many roles in which she connected to our community through her interactions with students and their families. She also attended some of our schools: Paradise Valley, Britton and Live Oak. Ms. Ruby is amazingly creative and fun, and brings a lot of sunshine to Sobrato. Fun fact: Ms. Ruby just earned her Health Science Associate Degree and Medical Office Certificate at Gavillan College, and she is a proud mother of five children in her blended family.  


I am concerned about my student and I would like them to be connected to someone.

  • You can submit a referral here. After your referral is submitted, Ms. Martina will connect with your student and will conduct an assessment of their needs. After the assessment and depending on your student's situation, Martina will provide therapeutic services for them on campus, or she will connect them to additional resources, such as outside counseling or a group.

Can I volunteer for the Wellness Center? How can I support you?

  • Yes! We would love to connect with you! We have our Wellness Wishlist which includes some items that we are in need of, and we also need some enthusiastic and inspiring adults to lead or co-lead some student groups for us. Here is the list

  • We also have a donation page set up on the ASB website here. Go all the way down and click on our picture. 

How was last year for you? How did you support our students?

  • We had 10,118 visits to the Wellness Center before school and during breaks (due to the way we collected data we only have the number of visits, not the number of unique students visiting)

  • Number of times students were using the WC during class time: 575

  • Referrals: 231 

  • Sessions with Martina: 706

  • Unique students who had a session with Martina: 266

  • We had a total of 231 student referrals (total of submitted through the referral process (form on the website), emails, verbally referred by staff/students, referrals coming from the wellness team meetings)

    • ​Referral sources: (August through May)

      • Submitted through the web form:

        • Counselors/Staff: 203 

        • Parents: 15

        • Self: 61

        • Friends: 5 (Sobrato was the only one submitting those)

What are the crisis resources available to our students outside of school time?

  • You can also click here to find more crisis resources.  

  • If this is a medical or mental health emergency, please contact the following sources immediately:

  • 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room if you can get there safely

  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

    • English: 1-800-273-TALK(8225)

    • Spanish: 1-888-628-9454

  • Santa Clara County Suicide & Crisis Hotline:

    • Toll-Free: 1-855-278-4204

    • Available 24 hour/7days

Did we answer all your questions? Is there anything else you would like to as us?

  • Please email us at You can can also text to this email address from your phone. Our phone number is (408) 201-6226. 

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