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Reflection deck
Set of cards
How are you feeling about yourself today, at this moment?
What is the most creative part of your work?
What makes you feel alive?
What breaks your heart?
Who or what influenced you to pursue this job?


for Superhumans working in Education


$25 + tax and shipping


Whether you are a teacher, school admin, academic counselor or a school therapist, this thoughtfully designed reflection deck will allow you to meaningfully explore your role in the precarious world of educating and guiding young minds.

This unique deck of 112 reflection question cards can offer you a framework to embrace your humanity and vulnerability and allow you to courageously engage in deep self-reflection.

This deck is a perfect tool for small groups of your friends and colleagues, or for your own private reflection or journaling. In answering these questions, you can spark authentic conversations and ignite thoughts, ideas and connections in unexpected places. 

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